Although Garmin has come out with more advanced and feature laden models than the GPSMAP 60CSx (such as some of the models in the Colorado, Oregon, and eTrex series), the 60CSx is still an extremely popular device that seems to generate a certain amount of dogged loyalty from customers. It extremely accurate due to a high sensitivity Sirf set. It a veritable workhorse among portables offering versatility that is well suited for geocaching, hiking, rafting, and just about anything else you can do outside.

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Yet this time, was the first sunday on august, and little did I know that everyone was on vacation. Woke up at 6am, met with the other club riders, and well, instead of being 10 15 as usual, only 3 more were there. 2 riders with a 4 5 W/kg FTP riders, and the captain which was probably slightly stronger than me..

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